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Kegel Exercise for Penis Enhancement


Kegel exercise is one of the most common methods to grow your penis naturally. It’s important for you to choose the natural way so that you will avoid any drawbacks that will harm your body. This exercise has been done by many men today. They find it’s so important to have a bigger penis so that it will significantly boost their confidence. A large manhood can mean greater masculinity. In this article, I’ll give you a review of Kegel exercise as the enhancement method.

What’s Kegel Technique, Actually?

Kegel exercise was firstly invented by Dr. Arnold Kegel in 1940s. He was the famous obstetrician in that time. It was firstly designed for women, but then it develops as the men sexual treatment. This exercise is so beneficial for male sexual health. This technique primarily operates using the principle of commanding the larger size will be given by your erection in your dick.

In this method, you essentially create the powerful pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle). To do Kegel exercise, you must get the PC muscle that is correct first. It is possible to practice to prevent the flow if you want to urinate to get it. You have already located the PC muscle, in case you successfully halt the flow. Following that, it is possible to clench and release this muscle repeatedly. You should do it for three sets with 10 seconds break between the sets. You need to keep practicing this until you are able to completely control your ejaculation. Having more control to your own erection, it’s stated that you will get the larger dick size at the same time.


Kegel’s benefits

There are many advantages that you can get from doing this exercise. This method will naturally make your pelvic floor muscles healthier. It can lead to the better erection. Kegel will also improve your penis blood flow so that your erection will last longer than ever. The better penis blood flow can lead to a bigger penis. Kegel exercise can enhance the amount of your sperm volume as well.

In term of sexual activity, Kegel exercise will help you controlling the ability to orgasm. It will directly enhance your sex quality.


The valuable tips for doing Kegel is you should combine it with the other penis exercises. Many men find it very efficient to combine Kegel exercise with Jelqing. You can combine Kegel with stretches as well. The more you do penis exercise, the more blood flows to your penis. You can also use one of the top 10 penis extenders to increase penis size in 2 months by 3 inches. It will make your exercise more effective in enlarging your penis size.

Causes Of Low Sex Drive In Women


I’m here today to talk to you about low female libido and some of the common causes.

Low women’s sex drive is a real concern for a lot of women. And there are a lot of potential causes out there. I thought that maybe we just take a look at some of those today.

What is the big deal about this issue? This is a real problem for a lot of people; it can be really damaging to your self-confidence, and it can also have an effect on your partner  self-confidence. It is a real problem, and it can have such a damaging effect on your relationships.

You can also just reduce your sense of satisfaction and overall well-being.

What are the potential causes of low women’s sex drive?

There both physical causes and psychological causes. Let’s have a lot at a few of this.

In terms of physical causes medications and drugs can contribute to having a lower sex drive. Alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, over the counter drugs and illicit drugs, can all have an impact.


There are two types of drugs that I have listed separately: the antidepressants and the birth control medications. And that is because both of those drugs actually have developed a well-known link between them and female arousal.

So if you are taking antidepressants or birth control medications, it can be a factor in lower sex drive. So it is important if you are taking these drugs to visit your general practitioner, your doctor, have a chat about that sort of thing.

Hormonal imbalance is another physical cause of low female libido. Things like after pregnancy, after having children you can find that you have a lower sex drive. Menopause is another time when hormones are wreaking havoc. It can also cause trouble with a lowered sex drive. Menopause can also cause another physical symptom like the decrease of vaginal lubrication and things like that which really make enjoying sex more difficult.


Women in particular have a very strong link between psychology and the libido. So issues like anxiety, stress, depression can have a really big impact on whether a woman feels sexual or wants to engage in sexual activity. Choose the right pill to increase your sex drive.

History of sexual abuse or sexual identity issues are other couples of causes which could impact upon libido.