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Male Libido Facts


The male libido directly depends on the hormone called testosterone. Testosterone is responsible for male and female sexuality. Testosterone is responsible for the maturation of male gender type, for secondary sexual characteristics, for the production and maturation of sperm and the libido.

Unfortunately, testosterone levels are decreasing in the male with age. Estrogen levels – female sexual hormone – is increasing.

There are a lot of factors that can affect the testosterone levels in men. Some of them may increase testosterone, other can decrease testosterone. Let’s talk about them.

What can affect the levels of testosterone? Man’s lifestyle can affect the level of testosterone. In order to have the normal level of testosterone man should lead an active lifestyle, exercise regularly, have a healthy diet, have a good sleep.



There are factors that can lower testosterone levels. For example, exercises increase testosterone levels. But if this is a serious sport, then the testosterone level is decreasing. A lot of physical exercises can reduce testosterone levels. Small exercises increase testosterone levels. Remember this.

What about the food? There are foods that can increase or decrease testosterone levels in men. Pumpkin seeds are beneficial for men’s health. You can buy peeled pumpkin seeds in the store, or you can buy a supplement with pumpkin seeds. You should eat a handful of pumpkin seeds per day, and it will be very useful for the male prostate.

Processed tomatoes are also beneficial to the prostate. Honey and walnuts are also good for men’s health. If a man eats one tablespoon of honey with walnuts twice a day, it will be very useful for men’s health.

Parsley, celery can also increase testosterone levels. A man should have properly and healthy diet, eat less animal fat, eat more protein, plant foods, herbs, etc.


What can reduce the level of testosterone men? Beer is bad for men’s health. Malt from which beer is made is an analog of the female hormone – estrogen. Excessive beer abuse can gradually turns a man into a woman. Men have the female type of obesity. The man gains weight not because he eats a lot of carbohydrates, but because he had increased estrogen levels. Therefore, excessive consumption of beer is bad for men’s health. Also, beer contains preservatives, which are also harmful to the health. They adversely affect the liver.

Physicians advice to drink dry red wine. It reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, has a beneficial effect on the hematopoietic system, gastrointestinal tract.

So in order to have normal testosterone levels, man should exercise regularly, but not too much. He should have a healthy diet, avoid alcohol abuse, smoking. He should have a good sleep and avoid stress.