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The Most Common Penis Enlargement Questions

Penis enlargement is a very popular, yet controversial topic. This is true. Especially, for people who do know the reasons or deeper meaning why some people are doing it. And here, we will tell you some of the most common penis enlargement questions.

Why bother doing penis enlargement?

For men who are gifted with perfect penis size and function, there may be no reason to do penis enlargement. However, there are men pursue it only as a hobby, just like a physical workout at a gym, to maintain their penis health. Specifically, to keep the quality of their erection as the blood flow is improved substantially. The most common reason men do penis enlargement is because they are not satisfied with the size of their penis and/or want to make the appearance of their penis better.

Is penis enlargement safe?

Yes, it is safe. That is if it is done correctly. If there is any uncomfortable soreness or other problem, immediately stop whatever routine you are doing. After all, if penis enlargement is done properly, there should be no sharp pains, numbness and extreme coldness happening anywhere in the penis area.

Still, keep in mind that penis enlargement routines are not an instant solution that can give your results overnight. It needs time. One may notice temporary gains within only a few weeks. However, if one is to achieve permanent gains, he must be patience, persistent and continue to explore the effective ways of achieving measurable results.

What are the benefits of penis enlargement?

Penis enlargement, specifically penis pumping, can provide many benefits towards not only improving, but also maintaining penis health if they are done correctly. Among the benefits are:

  • The increase in penis size, either in length or girth. Or both.
  • Achieve better penile health, which results in better quality of erection.

However, if one neglects to follow safety and perform them improperly, it can result in:

  • Temporary erections problem. If done incredibly wrong, it can even cause permanent erectile dysfunction.
  • Penile injury.

So, if you want to gain results and avoid those adverse effects, you will need to follow safety precautions before performing any penis enlargement routines religiously. And yes, this include penis enlargement exercises as well as penis pump.

How much time needed to gain these benefits?

It depends on several factors. Such as:

  • Dedication to follow the routines;
  • Frequency of the routines;
  • Factors that are outside of one’s control
  • Penis enlargement pump

Yes, some men react differently to the routines. Some men get quicker results from pumping while other men are progressing slowly. Indeed. It is similar to performing physical workouts. Some men indeed gain measurable results in only a short amount of time, while others take longer.

It is very important to follow a consistent routine. Many men who are compatible with their penis enlargement routine gain results within a few weeks, such as increased penis size (both flaccid and erect) and improved erection quality.

If you want to see results, quality penis enhancement pump is the key.

Kegel Exercise for Penis Enhancement


Kegel exercise is one of the most common methods to grow your penis naturally. It’s important for you to choose the natural way so that you will avoid any drawbacks that will harm your body. This exercise has been done by many men today. They find it’s so important to have a bigger penis so that it will significantly boost their confidence. A large manhood can mean greater masculinity. In this article, I’ll give you a review of Kegel exercise as the enhancement method.

What’s Kegel Technique, Actually?

Kegel exercise was firstly invented by Dr. Arnold Kegel in 1940s. He was the famous obstetrician in that time. It was firstly designed for women, but then it develops as the men sexual treatment. This exercise is so beneficial for male sexual health. This technique primarily operates using the principle of commanding the larger size will be given by your erection in your dick.

In this method, you essentially create the powerful pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle). To do Kegel exercise, you must get the PC muscle that is correct first. It is possible to practice to prevent the flow if you want to urinate to get it. You have already located the PC muscle, in case you successfully halt the flow. Following that, it is possible to clench and release this muscle repeatedly. You should do it for three sets with 10 seconds break between the sets. You need to keep practicing this until you are able to completely control your ejaculation. Having more control to your own erection, it’s stated that you will get the larger dick size at the same time.


Kegel’s benefits

There are many advantages that you can get from doing this exercise. This method will naturally make your pelvic floor muscles healthier. It can lead to the better erection. Kegel will also improve your penis blood flow so that your erection will last longer than ever. The better penis blood flow can lead to a bigger penis. Kegel exercise can enhance the amount of your sperm volume as well.

In term of sexual activity, Kegel exercise will help you controlling the ability to orgasm. It will directly enhance your sex quality.


The valuable tips for doing Kegel is you should combine it with the other penis exercises. Many men find it very efficient to combine Kegel exercise with Jelqing. You can combine Kegel with stretches as well. The more you do penis exercise, the more blood flows to your penis. You can also use one of the top 10 penis extenders to increase penis size in 2 months by 3 inches. It will make your exercise more effective in enlarging your penis size.