Publish with Hodder Arnold

We are always looking to develop further our successful journals publishing programme through the addition of new high-quality titles. If you have an idea for a new journal or you are a representative of a society, association or institute looking for a publishing partner, we would be delighted to hear from you.

In order to help us assess your idea, your proposal should cover the following key areas:

  • Aims & scope
  • Rationale for the new journal
  • Editors and suggested editorial board(s)
  • Format and content envisaged
  • Market and target audience
  • Competing titles

Aims and scope

We will need a clear outline of the journal’s main objectives and a summary of what it hopes to achieve. The aims and scope should make plain what readers could expect to gain from the journal. Give a suggested title if you have one.


In today’s pressured journals environment, it is essential to establish from the outset the real need for a new journal, and to describe what unique contribution it can make to the literature. It is helpful to set the aims and objectives of the journal in the context of recent developments in the targeted field(s). Tell us about any specific features of the journal or its subject that will make it attractive to potential subscribers.

Editors and editorial board(s)

Please supply the names and affiliations of the journal editors, along with a list of suggested members of the editorial boards, indicating whether or not these people have been approached about their involvement and whether or not they have accepted. It is usually very important to ensure that the editorial spread is fully international, in order to attract global subscriptions, and you should pay particular attention to ensuring good coverage of both the US and Europe. Do give some thought to the issue of the journal’s management and administration and how you see this as being organised; outline any plans you have for the running of the journal in terms of commissioning papers, handling the reviewing process, organising special issues, keeping records and so on.

Format and content

What type of article do you propose to include in the journal (e.g. original research papers, review articles, book reviews)? What would be the balance between the different types of paper? Please give a mock contents list of articles which would be suitable for publication in the first issue of the journal (this list can include both previously published articles and ‘dream’ titles which illustrate the nature and type of paper required). How many issues per year do you envisage? How long would each issue be? What would be the planned launch date?


Who do you see as the main body of subscribers, in terms of both level and disciplinary fields? In which regions/countries would you expect your journal to have particular appeal? (Note that it is unlikely that a journal will be financially viable unless it has a proven international audience.) Please give any information you might have on the number of institutions where this field is studied and which might thus be potential subscribers. Can you think of any organisations or societies to which potential readers might belong or any major international conferences that they might attend?


Give a brief summary of existing journals in the field which might be said to be competitors for either or both authors and subscribers, including any details of subscription numbers where known. How would the new journal be distinct from these existing titles?

Please feel free to supply any further details that you think might be helpful.

Send your proposal to:

Karen Hillmansen
Head of Journals
Hodder Arnold
338 Euston Road
London NW1 3BH

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7873 6338
Fax: +44 (0) 20 7873 6376