Terms & Conditions

1. Licence for institutional access

Arnold grants the subscriber and its employees, faculty and students (the registered users) the nonexclusive and non-transferable right to access, retrieve, display and print locally articles from the online version of the title for which an institutional subscription has been paid. This right is solely for individual scholarly research and private study in accordance with these terms and conditions.

2. Site definition

A single site connected by a local area network whose terminals are physically linked together within the organizational premises.

3. Copyright

Copyright of the journal as a whole and in individual articles is owned by Arnold or as indicated. The publisher’s copyright notices must not be removed or modified in any way.

4. Access terms

Registered users may retrieve, display, download and print out copies of individual articles or other items from the online version of the title. Subscribing libraries which provide public access are permitted to allow access to the online version of the title to the general public, but only for the purpose of individual scholarly research and private study.

5. Usage restrictions

Individual articles and matter made available online may not be made available in fee paying services and may not be systematically supplied or distributed onward from the site of the registered subscriber. Articles and matter made available online may not be used for the purpose of interlibrary loan or in course packs. Hodder Arnold operates separate licensing arrangements for course pack provision – please contact us if you wish to discuss this further.

6. Alteration

Material included in the online version of the journal may not be modified or adapted in any way by the registered users.

7. Unauthorized use

Subscribers should take all reasonable steps to prevent unauthorized use of articles and matter made available online. Subscribers should inform Hodder Arnold of any infringement of these terms and conditions or unauthorized use.

8. Warranties

Hodder Arnold makes no warranty as to the complete accessibility of online articles in every hardware/software environment.

9. Term

Online availability will continue indefinitely but Hodder Arnold does not agree to provide a permanent archive of this material.